Additional charges may be laid after a person forced their way inside a sealed illegal dispensary following a raid and then had to be rescued by firefighters, city officials say.

Police and bylaw officers from Municipal Licensing and Standards executed a raid at the CAFE dispensary on Fort York Boulevard near Bathurst Street early Wednesday morning.

Following the raid, workers stacked up large cement blocks outside the entrance to the dispensary to keep anyone from accessing the premises.

Firefighters were then called to the dispensary at around 2 p.m. to rescue an individual who had somehow become trapped inside.

Speaking with CP24 on Thursday, Toronto’s Director of Investigation Services Mark Sraga said that officials attended the scene following the rescue to conduct an investigation into what happened.

He said that they have since determined that the individual forced his way inside the sealed dispensary following the raid and was not there when the building was sealed up.

“When we did that inspection yesterday, as we do at all other locations, we thoroughly check with Toronto Police Service accompanying us to make sure there are no individuals within before we close them,” he said. “That individual had entered by breaking through a doorway. In terms of charges and all that we are still gathering evidence and we may be laying additional charges.”

Sraga said that the city is increasingly opting to seal the doors of illegal dispensaries using concrete blocks in order to ensure that the facilities cannot continue to operate. ‘

He said that officials raided two more dispensaries on Thursday morning and planned to seal the doors to those establishments as well.

“We are exercising all the authorities we have to try to effect baring of entry so that they cannot continue business,” he said.