Toronto police are trying to identify a woman who they say assisted a suspect accused of fatally stabbing a man outside a Shopper’s Drug Mart in the Weston area last week.

David Blacquiere, 54, died in hospital Nov. 14 after being fatally stabbed outside the drugstore on Weston Road, north of Lawrence Avenue West.

Police have said that they believe Blacquiere arrived at the plaza in the same vehicle as the suspect. An altercation broke out in the vehicle and continued on the sidewalk in front of the drugstore, where Blacquiere was stabbed.

Police have identified the suspect as 18-year-old Christopher Enrique Gordon and say that he is wanted for second-degree murder.

On Monday, investigators released photos of a woman caught on surveillance footage in the area near the stabbing scene and urged her to come forward to speak with police.

“We believe that this female has intricate knowledge and intimate knowledge of Mr. Gordon and his whereabouts after the homicide and certainly we believe up to this point,” Det. Rob North told reporters at a news conference Monday.

North would not comment on the exact relationship between the suspect and the woman, but said police are not sure if she is continuing to assist him.

“If you are providing assistance to Mr. Gordon in his attempts to continue to evade capture, I’m recommending that you stop immediately,” North said. “If you have a reasonable explanation for your actions, we are more than willing to listen to you.”

He said if she is continuing to help the suspect, she could face criminal charges herself.

North said police are also appealing to anyone who recognizes the woman to contact police.

Police have previously said that they are looking for another man who they believe helped the suspect flee following the murder.

That man, identified by police as 24-year-old Demetrius McFarquhar, is wanted on charges of accessory after the fact of murder, attempting to obstruct justice and failing to comply with his recognizance.

Police said they are still trying to figure out the exact nature of the relationship between Blacquiere and Gordon.

“At this time we believe there was some interaction, some knowledge, and some previous history with our deceased, Mr. Blacquiere, and Mr. Gordon,” North said. “To the extent of that we continue to investigate and move along.”

Blacquiere, originally from Angus, Ont., had been living in Toronto for the past two years. Friends have described him as a hard-working father of four who refereed hockey at arenas around the GTA.