Toronto police homicide investigators have released still images from surveillance camera footage near the scene of a shooting in Chinatown on Jan. 31 that left two men dead and three others injured.

Det. Sgt. Mike Carbone says police aren’t sure if the men in the images are suspects, persons of interest or mere witnesses to the double murder, which claimed the lives of 26-year-old David Eminess and 29-year-old Quinn Taylor.

“We believe these men may have information that could assist in moving our investigation forward,” Carbone told reporters.

Eminess, Taylor and a friend were in front of New Ho King restaurant at 410 Spadina Avenue at approximately 3:17 a.m. on Jan. 31, when Carbone said they got into some sort of altercation with unknown suspects.

Eminess was pronounced dead at the scene, while Taylor was pronounced dead at hospital a short while later. The two men’s friend and two other bystanders sustained gunshot wounds and are recovering.

Police said earlier that neither of the victims had any ties to known gangs.

Carbone said the area was bustling at the time of the shooting, with restaurants filled with club-goers, and taxicabs and streetcars passing through the area picking up passengers.

In the surveillance images, several men wearing distinctive clothing, including a faux fur jacket, are seen walking on the sidewalk. In one image, a man is seen holding a shiny metallic object, but Carbone would not say if that object was a gun.

“These images are not the best, that’s the problem.”

Carbone continued that investigators hope the images will prompt more witnesses, or perhaps the subjects of the images themselves to come forward.

“I expect and hope someone will perhaps come forward and identify the shooter for us,” Carbone said.

Police are also asking anyone with cell phone footage from that incident, or vehicle dashboard camera footage, to come forward.

Investigators also want to speak to anyone who was with the victims earlier in the night, so they can piece together the events that brought them to the scene of the shooting.

Anyone with information is asked to call homicide detectives at 416-808-7400.