The second of two capybaras who went missing from High Park Zoo in late May has been found, parks officials announced on Twitter on Tuesday.

Parks, Forestry and Recreation spokesperson Megan Price said a veterinarian has been called to check the large rodent’s health.

It is being kept indoors so staff can see if it can be made comfortable in captivity after spending more than a month on the lam.

The earliest it will be brought out for the public to see is Thursday, Price said.

The two large brown-furred rodents – a male and a female – escaped from the High Park Zoo on May 25 as they were being brought into an enclosure to join one other capybara who lives at the zoo. Admirers online dubbed the missing duo as “Bonnie and Clyde.”

The escape generated memes, fake social media accounts, and plenty of jokes by local politicians.

One of the escapees was caught and brought back to the zoo on June 12.

All three animals will be kept in separate pens until they become comfortable with one another.

The search for the missing capybaras drew in members of the public and demanded a lot from High Park Zoo staff, who said the search was hampered by the animals’ skittish, cautious nature.

In several encounters searchers came close to capturing one of the animals, before a sudden noise sent the capybara scurrying away.

The capybara is native to eastern South America including Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Uruguay and parts of Argentina.

Last year, a peacock escaped from the Zoo and was seen hopping from rooftops in the Parkdale area for days before it was caught.