They're not all on the same political team, but members of Parliament have caught the same fever.

Support for the Edmonton Oilers in the Stanley Cup Final has swept the country, and that includes Ottawa.

Some MPs are setting their political differences aside Monday evening to gather in Speaker Greg Fergus's office, watch the game and eat popcorn — reviving a long tradition on Parliament Hill.

"Speaker Fergus is cheering for the Oilers all the way," said his spokesman, Mathieu Gravel.

The Speaker's office hosted a hockey night for a Toronto Maple Leafs game in the first round of the playoffs several weeks ago.

And previous Speakers have hosted hockey nights during late sittings for Canadian teams competing in the playoffs, going back to Speaker Geoff Regan, said Gravel.

But it's not just on Parliament Hill that MPs are gathering to watch playoff games.

A few weeks ago, the NDP's Heather McPherson found herself at Toronto Pearson Airport watching the Oilers clinch their spot in the Stanley Cup Playoffs as she waited to board her plane to Ottawa with Conservative MPs.

"It was kind of funny when we did win the game, and gave the high-fives and hugs to members across the floor," McPherson said, whose family have been longtime season ticket holders for the Oilers.

For the final round, McPherson has painted her nails orange and blue — a colour combination typically never seen together in the House of Commons.

As she gears up for Monday's game, she hopes her late-night parliamentary committee wraps up early so she and others can watch Game 2 of the final playoff round.

Hockey is an important sport in Canada, and it has the power to bring together even the most bitter of political enemies, McPherson said.

"I think it's an opportunity for us all to remember that we're all people doing a job, and working hard, and even if we're not on the same political team we can be on the same sports team," McPherson said.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 10, 2024.