A Toronto resident is searching for a “Good Samaritan” who called 911 after he tumbled down a TTC staircase while rushing to an appointment on Saturday afternoon, sustaining a head injury.

Yves Allard fell down a flight of stairs in Bathurst Station around 4 p.m. while he was making his way to the subway platform.

“I must have lost my footing somehow,” Allard told CTV News Toronto. “I was in a panic and I tried to catch my footing on my own.”

When he arrived at the bottom, Allard says he looked up and saw a trail of blood lining the staircase.

“As soon as I fell I panicked,” he explained. “My extremities were numb … I was in shock and I was scared.”

That’s when a man standing on the platform rushed to his aid until emergency crews arrived.

“He kept me conscious so once in a while he would tap my face to make sure I didn’t pass out,” Allard said.

He was rushed to hospital where he was treated for a deep gash wound on the back of his head, receiving eight staples.

He is now recovering at home, but believes his injuries could have been much worse.

“Had there not been someone – a first responder who was as active as he was – I could have had a brain hemorrhage, I could have gone into a coma, I could have gotten a concussion, I could have gotten severe brain damage, but because of his first response I’m standing here and I’m talking,” Allard said.

Now he wants to thank the stranger in person and has started an online search, posting to social media “letting my guardian angel know I’m okay and that he saved my life.”

The “Good Samaritan” is described as a shorter man, believed to be in his late 20s or early 30s, with dark hair.

“I don’t know how to reach him or too much about him … [but] all I want is to thank this man from the bottom of my heart for helping me through a severe trauma,” Allard wrote in his online post.