TTC fare enforcement officers will no longer being approaching riders to check for proof of payment amid the COVID-19 outbreak and will instead be “focusing on education and customer service.”

TTC spokesperson Stuart Green tells CP24 that during the outbreak fare enforcement officers will continue to work but will no longer be conducting manual checks for proof of payment.

Instead, Green said that the TTC’s fare enforcement officers will be “positioned near card readers to observe customers tapping for proof of payment.”

He said that when riders fail to tap, the fare enforcement officers will “assess and educate about proper fare payment” rather than issuing fines.

He said that as an additional precaution fare enforcement officers will also be required to leave vehicles once there are 50 people on it in order to maintain social distancing.

They will also periodically be posted at busy intersections to “observe, educate and provide customer service,” he said.

“As most people can appreciate, these are extraordinary times. We continue to offer regular service and the expectation is that customers pay for that service,” Green said in a written statement. “While transit trips are down due to various closures and work-from-home policies, TTC Fare Inspectors will continue their important work, focusing on education and customer service while respecting the importance of social distancing.”