A TTC driver made a few new friends last weekend after he made a special stop at a lemonade stand along his route in Malvern to pick up treats for his passengers.

The kind gesture first came to light after someone in the neighbourhood spotted the driver at the stand and wrote about it on social media.

In a Facebook post published on Aug. 18, Andrea Hare Sears wrote, “Walking home from the park and see the @ttc bus driver stop at the Lemonade/cookie stand (to) buy several cookies and hand them out to his passengers. It made my day.”

Commenting on the post, Nathalie Sinson, who said her children were the ones running the stand, confirmed that the driver stopped four times to pick up goodies for his passengers.

“We thanked him with a free lemonade and cookie," Sinson wrote. "What an awesome person!!”

In an interview with CP24 on Friday, Jason Dick, the driver of the bus, said he drove by the stand multiple times before he decided to stop.

“I remember doing that and not being terribly successful at it so I thought, ‘Well I will stop at a store and get some change,’” he said. “Nobody was in a hurry. It was a Sunday and I stopped and I grabbed the cookies.”

It is not the first time the TTC employee has decided to pick up sweets for his passengers.

“When our daughter was born, I stopped at a Tim Hortons and I bought some Timbits for people. Just when the mood feels right, it is nice to share a little cheer with everybody,” he said.

He said people are usually pretty grateful for the pick-me-up.

“I meet thousands of people every day and all of them are nice,” he said. “Even if somebody is not having a great day, underneath it all you can see they are nice people.”