Although Valentine's Day is all about love, that doesn't mean it's just for lovers.

If you're single this is the perfect time to indulge yourself and get yourself prepped for exciting new experiences in the realm of love.

Kadie, our intern, says that she is a very happy single, and has spent a Valentine's Day (or two… or more) on her own. So from one single to another, here are of her tips on how to live through, and enjoy, this day of love.

Avoid negative thoughts. I will admit that some of my February 14th's were spent with a very negative inner monologue. I'd say it's a corporate holiday, I'd say it's annoying, I'd say it's too fake. In retrospect, I was putting too much energy into disliking the holiday, which in the end really didn't improve my mood, or the mood of anyone else who made eye contact with me. In the end it's a day of love and romance, and whether you hate it or not, there are at least a handful of couples out there who are genuinely enjoying it. So don't rain on their parade and don't let unnecessary anger fester up inside you. It just doesn't do any good for the world (or your mental health, I'm sure).

Focus on yourself. Single and loving it or single and hating it, it doesn't hurt to use the day as an excuse to simply do something to boost your confidence and feel good. If you don't have anyone else to focus on, focus on yourself. Maybe treat yourself to a gift. If some new item of clothing is too pricey, buy some of that heart-shaped chocolate (it's tacky but delicious). Try treating yourself to a haircut, or a massage. Do something --anything-- that will make you feel good by the end of the night. I like to grab dinner with a few of my fellow single friends, sometimes even write up a cheesy little "Be My Valentine" card for them. At the very least it cracks a smile.

Try something new. Why not! Living in Toronto, there are plenty of options. If you snoop around on Google for ten minutes you'll find a plethora of entertaining things to do. Here are a few of my picks:

• Throw a party and Hire a Chef to teach you and some of your single friends how to cook a gourmet meal at home.

• Grab a friend and head on over to the Erotic Arts and Crafts Show and see what interesting, sexy things you can treat yourself to.

Heartbreak Karaoke! Hang out with some fellow singles and sing your heart out.