So you're getting ready for your annual holiday fete with the folks from work. Maybe it's a small (awkward) gathering at some generic chain restaurant. Or perhaps your company shelled out for a big, glamorous blowout complete with half-naked waiters, little people and horses at the door (no joke, this describes a holiday party I attended once). Regardless of the size or scale, there are a few things that are important to remember so you don't come back to the find that the water cooler discussion has become all about you.


If you work in an environment that puts restrictions on your attire, it can be tempting to bust out the sexiest, sparkliest outfit you can find. Reminder: this is not your prom. In other words, "up-dos," plunging necklines and outfits that make you look like you should be hanging from the tree should be avoided.


I know what you're thinking: what's the pleasure in a holiday party without some libations to loosen you up? I'm not saying "don't drink." I'm just saying, "take it easy." I once attended a holiday work party and after a few drinks I took to the dance floor to groove to some Prince. Little did I know that a very tall, very moustached, virtual stranger had followed along. After some suggestive pointing and suggestive hip movements from this man, I was outta there. But he wasn't done. He proceeded to embarrass his way around the dance floor until it was pretty much cleared. You don't want to be that person. Keep this in mind: as soon as you're feeling good, you should probably stop. Trust me, you'll thank me in the morning.


Of course, there's probably that person you've had your eye on in the company who also will be at the party. Let's say you find yourself having an incredible conversation about that crazy boss of yours – whatever you do, don't go exploring the washrooms together. Don't go for a walk out in the cold, and for Pete's sake, if it's taking place in your place of work, don't go into someone's office. I once was at a holiday work party and ran up to a co-worker's office to grab her coat for her and found a strange woman fixing her skirt and a guy doing up his pants. They scurried off mumbling something about how one of them wasn't feeling well. I decided not to tell my friend for months afterwards for fears that she would have to do a Seinfeld purge of her entire office.

Happy Holidays!