Selena Gomez is taking the heat in the kitchen.

The singer-actress slices and dices in “Selena + Chef,” debuting August 13th on the new H-B-O Max streaming service.

The 10-episode series was shot in the kitchen of Gomez's new Los Angeles-area house.

Her grandparents and two friends, who have been quarantining with her, serve as taste testers.

Gomez says she really thought this would be something lighthearted because she was definitely getting down.

Several chefs including Nyesha Arrington, Roy Choi, Tonya Holland and Daniel Holzman are among those who guide Gomez remotely.

They coach her through making such dishes as Korean breakfast tacos, matcha chocolate chip cookies, spicy miso ramen, seafood tostada and cheese souffle.

Remote cameras set up in her kitchen captured Gomez's mishaps that include flames in the oven and squirting juices.

She says her go-to recipe is a killer PB&J.