TORONTO - Toronto police, and Emergency Task Force officers were back at the scene of a suspicious incident from Tuesday morning and now a man has been taken into custody.

The area around Front and John Streets was shutdown downtown after police altercation with a man led to him being tasered at about 7:30 p.m. 

ETF detonated the latest suspicious package at the scene. Three controlled detonations were heard in the area. 

Earlier today, two suitcases scrutinized by Toronto's bomb squad after they were left unattended in front of CSIS offices contained little more than clothes and travel necessities.

The black cases triggered the shutdown of a section of Front Street. The area was reopened during the noon hour after a police robot and an officer dressed in bomb disposal gear probed the luggage.

A black sedan with Ontario licence plates was parked in front of the cases, and the officer used a mirror attached to a pole to look under the vehicle.

The officer then opened the car doors and trunk and searched the vehicle.

That stretch of Front Street, not far from the city's entertainment district, is also home to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and the CBC building.