On June 12, CP24 and CP24.com will have a LIVE look at election night, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, giving Ontarians the most out of their second screen experience.

Backstage Pass is back with Kevin Newman as your host.  Starting at 8 p.m., he will be chatting live online with our viewers and showing them a glimpse of what goes on in a newsroom the night of the big vote. Viewers will be able to ask him their questions as he takes them through our control room and each remote location where our reporters are located. Viewers will have a chance to see our anchors prepare for the coverage and our election system at work.  And our anchors will have their chance to shine the spotlight on Backstage Pass as they interview Kevin about some of the questions and observations YOU, our audience, are making.

This show is all about pulling back the curtain and taking a look at what it takes to pull this production together. As a veteran broadcaster, former news anchor and a passionate digital journalist, Kevin Newman will share his unique perspective as the election unfolds.

Remember, even while on this page, you’ll have immediate access to the votes as they come in. At the bottom of the live stream, there will be a distinct graphic which will update seats that have been won by the parties in real time. Readers will also have the option between switching back and forth between Backstage Pass and a live stream of our broadcast election show.