Police say they are on the lookout for a small goat named Juniper who was taken from Riverdale Farm in Toronto’s Cabbagetown neighbourhood this week.

Police say that at sometime between 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday and 7 a.m. on Thursday, one or possibly more suspects broke into an enclosure at Riverdale Farm, off of Winchester Street.

“The suspect or suspects entered a pen within the farm and stole the 3-month-old Nubian goat named Juniper,” police said Friday.

Const. Ed Parks told CP24 there is third-party security present at the farm overnight, but they did not detect the break-in.

Police say Juniper’s twin sister, Justine and her mother, Fuschia, were left in the pen unharmed.

"Maybe at that time security was doing their rounds, so they were only able to get one out of the pen," Parks said when asked why only one animal was taken.

Investigators said Juniper was likely petrified when she was stolen.

“Riverdale Farm staff are understandably upset and are extremely concerned about Juniper who, they say, would not leave the pen without her mother and would have likely cried out during the incident,” Det. Const. Graham Ellis said.

"We'd urge anyone who knows anything about this incident to contact us immediately so we can find her and safely return her to the farm."

Juniper is described as weighing 30 pounds, with black and sliver fur, brown legs and white ears.

"Goat kids like Juniper are reliant on their mother for sustenance and while they are ruminants at maturity, they require milk for up to six months in order to thrive," The City of Toronto, which operates Riverdale Farm, said in a statement. "At Juniper’s age, it is uncommon for goat kids to stray too far from their mothers."

Riverdale Farm houses pigs, chickens, horses and cattle, and has been closed to the public since early April.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call police at 51 Division.