A Canadian woman aboard a Fly Jamaica airliner that crash-landed in Guyana as it was bound for Toronto last week has died.

Eighty-six-year-old Rookia Kalloo was aboard Fly Jamaica Flight OJ256 on Nov. 9 when it attempted to return to Georgetown, Guyana’s Cheddi Jaggan International Airport only a few minutes after it took off due to mechanical issues.

The Boeing 757 overshot the runway and veered into the grass after landing, injuring six people. It came to a rest three metres before the edge of a hill as much as 12 metres tall.

The airline says its own records indicate Kalloo was not one of the six occupants of the plane taken to hospital with injuries after the crash-landing.

“Whilst Mrs. Kalloo is not recorded as having been treated in hospital for any injuries as a result of the accident, we are investigating the position further and lending all possible assistance and support to Mrs Kalloo's relatives as they come to terms with their loss,” the airline said in a statement provided to CTV News Toronto.

It is believed that Kalloo died on Friday. She was reportedly visiting the country with her daughter and granddaughter.

Two Canadian passengers of the flight told CTV News National that their belongings were stolen from the plane after they were forced to evacuate.

Guyanese media reports that eight firefighters were detained on suspicion of stealing items from passengers.