If you've ever bumped into something or stepped into traffic while walking and texting or scrolling through your MP3 player at the same time, Toronto police had a message for you Friday morning.

In an effort to curb the growing problem of “distracted walking,” police officers spent a few hours at Broadview and Danforth avenues, where they spoke to more than 150 pedestrians about the dangers of using cellphones, MP3 players and other handheld devices while walking.

Officers handed out pedestrian safety pamphlets and shared safety tips in their conversations with people, including those who were spotted walking and texting.

Police are urging people to keep their cellphone and other electronic devices in their pocket while crossing the street or while walking in high-risk areas to keep their focus on their surroundings.

“Cross the street as if your life depends upon it. Have an eye for safety," police Sgt. Jack West said in a statement.

Reports of distracted walking-related injuries have more than quadrupled in last seven years in the U.S., according to a recent study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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