A 39-year-old male cyclist is dead after being struck by a vehicle in the city’s Parkdale neighbourhood.

Police say that a pickup truck travelling southbound on Cowan Avenue was hit by a westbound streetcar as it passed through the intersection with King Street at around 9:10 a.m. That truck then struck the cyclist, pinning him to the ground.

Family members have identified the cyclist as David Delos Santos.

According to family, Santos had just dropped off his eight year-old daughter at school and was heading home when he was struck.

“David is a very good husband, a very good family man. He’s a very good person in general,” his sister-in-law Jocelyn Cerezo told CP24 at the scene. “The daughter doesn’t even know yet. Life is going to change big time.”

Santos had immigrated to Canada from the Philippines about two years ago and was working as a maintenance supervisor at a nearby apartment building.

Speaking with CP24 on Wednesday, one witness described a harrowing scene.

“I woke up the sound of a massive car accident and I felt it as it hit the wall that I live against,” Shane Philips said. “I ran out knowing that someone had been hurt because there was screaming. I came out to see a woman in a car screaming and then I went around the back of truck and saw a man pinned underneath, under the gas tank essentially. He was holding on for life at that point.”

Philips and another man held Santos head until paramedics arrived on scene.

Santos was then rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead a short time later.

"It's tough. That cyclist couldn’t have done anything," Phillips said. "He was just following the rules and was where he was supposed to be."

According to Const. Clint Stibbe, police have already spoken with a number of witnesses and are working to obtain surveillance camera footage from the streetcar.

“This is the third cyclist we have had struck on city streets and die as a result of a collision (this year),” he said. “We are still asking any witness who didn’t remain on scene to contact us.”

The TTC has said that they are “fully co-operating” with police as they investigate the circumstances surrounding the collision.

King Street was closed between Dunn and Spencer avenues while a full reconstruction was conducted but the road reopened shortly after 1 p.m..

The 504 King streetcar was diverting both ways via Queen and Shaw streets during the closure.