A French-language Catholic elementary school will close until early April due to four COVID-19 cases counts among its students.

Classes at ÉÉC René-Lamoureux on Meadows Boulevard in Mississauga will not resume in person on Monday, the board said Sunday, after four COVID-19 cases were reported among students in the past two weeks.

“Following the assessment of the situation, CSC MonAvenir and the Peel Public Health Unit have made the mutual decision to close the school,” the board said Sunday.

“Students will continue their learning virtually during the closed period.”

The school is scheduled to reopen for in-person learning on April 6.

As of Friday morning, Ontario schools are reporting nearly 1,700 active cases of COVID-19, including nearly 1,400 among students.

School cases represent approximately 12 per cent of the total count of known active cases in the province.

Nine-hundred and eight of the province’s 4,828 publicly-funded schools currently have at least one active case of COVID-19 and 38 were closed as of Friday.