A suspicious package delivered to Queen’s Park was determined to be powdered gravy following a police investigation in Toronto on Tuesday.

The Toronto Police Service (TPS) said officers were called to the Ontario legislature just after 11:30 a.m. for reports of a suspicious package. According to police, employees were evacuated from a small area of the building.

It was later determined by an officer with the explosives unit that the package contained powdered gravy. Police believe the item was intended as a joke, they said.

The Premier's Office said Tuesday it had no information on the matter.

This is the second time in a week that gravy delivered to Queen's Park has made headlines. Last week, Premier Ford was gifted a can of gravy by Liberal Parliamentary Leader John Fraser after it was discovered that 48 of Ford's staff had made it onto this year's sunshine list

The gesture was intended to serve as a reminder of the Ford family slogan, ‘Stop the gravy train,’ Fraser said.  The premier’s late brother, Rob Ford, used the slogan widely during his campaign for mayor to indicate how he would cut red tape and save taxpayers money. The phrase has been brought back to the legislature by the Ontario Liberals, who say the Ford government has done the exact opposite.

“I did that to remind him that he more than doubled the staff in his office to 48 people who are all on the sunshine list [and] all of whom make more than the median family income in Ontario," Fraser said at the time. “I don't think that's just wrong, I think it’s obscene.”

When reached for comment on Tuesday, Fraser said he was not responsible for the second gift of gravy, but that he’s heard that his gesture has sparked some citizens to do the same.

The Liberal leader expressed empathy to legislature staff who may have been frightened by Tuesday’s incident. While he said it’s obvious some people are “displeased” with the premier, he suggested sending a photo of gravy would be equally sufficient.