Travelling can be a stressful experience but if you find yourself fighting through the crowds at Pearson International Airport this summer, you’ll at least get to enjoy some local music at the same time.

The City of Toronto and Pearson International Airport have partnered together to launch a new live music series which will feature 150 local artists. They will perform on a stage set up in the arrivals area of Terminal 1 from now until Sept. 15.

The series, dubbed YYZ Live, is being launched as part of Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations.

“This airport works pretty well but still it can be a trial just to be around the crowds at airports,” Mayor Tory said in announcing the new program on Tuesday morning. “This will make it a more pleasant experience while also showcasing our talent.”

Tory said that the idea of having local musicians perform at Pearson is part of the Toronto Music Advisory Council’s ongoing efforts to promote the city as a music destination.

Other efforts that have been taken to date include the launch of a similar live music series at city hall and the creation of a revolving playlist of local music that it is played for those who are put on hold when they call 311.

“We want people to understand how important music is to us here and we want them to be greeted by the universal language that is music,” Tory said. “No matter where people are coming from or what language they speak they will feel at home here, in part because they are greeted by Toronto music.”

Tory said that artists who are interested in performing during the ‘YYZ Live’ series can still apply for the opportunity to do so.

He said all participating artists will be paid.