Ontario Provincial Police have charged two men in connection with a frightening road rage incident on Highway 427 that saw misogynist insults hurled at a car full of frightened women.

The incident happened at around 9:30 p.m. on Jan. 4, in the northbound lanes of Highway 427 near Finch Avenue.

A woman was driving a vehicle, with her daughter and her daughter’s friend as passengers.

The woman said she was attempting to pass a truck in the left lane of the highway at around 110 kilometres per hour when another vehicle approached from behind, driving aggressively.

“As I moved over, from out of nowhere this vehicle came up very quickly behind me and right against my car back was flashing his lights, honking his horn,” the woman told CTV News Toronto in an interview last month.

She said the vehicle sped up and pulled through a narrow opening between her vehicle and the truck, then sped up to get in front of her and stopped.

Part of what followed was then caught on a cell phone video taken by the woman’s daughter.

In the video, a man is seen screaming profanities about women while gesturing aggressively outside the vehicle.

The driver of the other vehicle is seen getting out of the vehicle, screaming and partially pulling down his pants in a suggestive manner.

The woman said in the interview that a Good Samaritan came up behind her vehicle and put emergency flashers on so that vehicles wouldn’t slam into her.

The men eventually got back into their car and drove off, at which point the woman exited the highway and contacted police.

There was no collision as a result of the vehicles being stopped in a live lane of traffic on the highway and no one was physically injured, though the woman told police that she and the other women were “terrified” and frightened to even reveal their identities.

“As a result of the police investigation, criminal charges have been laid on the two occupants from the suspect’s vehicle,” OPP said in a news release Friday night.

Singh Sandhu, 46, of Waterdown, Ont. has been charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and mischief endangering life.

Amritpal Singh Sandhu, 21, of Waterdown, Ont. has been charged with uttering threats – cause death or bodily harm. He is scheduled to make a court appearance in Toronto on March 1.