A real estate agent has put a creative spin on selling a semi-detached bungalow in the Upper Beaches amid a booming housing market in Toronto.

The one bedroom plus den home, located near Coxwell Avenue and Dundas Street East, has garnered lots of attention online after Arty Basinski, of Real Estate by Bike, wrote and produced a rap song and video featuring the listing, dubbed “lil’ yellow house.”

The video showcases the neighbourhood, the home’s exterior and interior and details its features, including a walkout basement and high ceilings.

“I wanted to buy the domain little yellow house but that was taken but lil’ yellow house was not taken and terrible rappers are called lil’ so I thought let’s do a terrible rap and here we are,” Basinski said while speaking with CP24 on Monday night.

“The video got reach from a lot of the younger generation because they thought ‘oh $500,000 I could kind of afford this.’”

Basinski said the home has the potential rental income of $2,000 and is currently listed at $499,000.

The video has been viewed about 50,000 times on YouTube as of Monday evening.

Basinski said since the video has gone viral he has seen a record number of people attend an open house over the weekend.

“It was very busy. I was debating charging cover because it was just so busy.”

Due to the overwhelming amount of interest, Basinski said he was holding off until Monday night to accept any offers.

The realtor, who is known for navigating the city by bike instead of car, said this may not be the last time he gets creative with his listings.

“This has taken off so I think I’ll keep doing this in the future,” he said.

The average price of semi-detached homes in the Greater Toronto reached $808,796 in April, according to the Toronto Real Estate Board.