KABUL, Afghanistan -- Afghan counternarcotics police are burning more than 24 tons of narcotics and other illegal substances on the outskirts of Kabul.

Afghan authorities say the drugs, drug-making chemicals and alcohol were seized in and around the capital during the past nine months.

Baz Mohammad Ahmadi, the deputy minister of counternarcotics at the Interior Ministry, told reporters at the burn site on Sunday that 1,770 kilograms (3,900 pounds) of heroin, 2,760 kilograms (6,070 pounds) of opium and 140 kilograms (308 pounds) of hashish were among the materials destroyed.

He says 907 suspects were arrested in connection with the seizure of the drugs and other materials.

The police put the illegal substances into a large pile, mixed in some logs, poured on gas and then lighted the material as police stood by applauding.