Dump truck drivers are holding a large demonstration in Mississauga and holding up work at job sites across the GTA to bring attention to their concerns about pay and road safety.

More than 150 owner-operators parked their trucks near the corner of Dixie and Derry roads during a strike Tuesday, CP24’s Cam Woolley reported.

The brokers, who are members of the Ontario Dump Truck Association, are hired to provide service to excavation and construction companies.

They’re upset because, they claim, excavator operators are illegally overloading their trucks, and that is causing potential road safety issues and damage to the vehicles.

The drivers say the companies usually reimburse the cost of any fines, but the demerits stay on the owner-operator’s record, resulting in higher insurance fees and possible sanctions or suspensions from MTO.

They are also calling for more pay. They say their pay has not increased in four years, while costs have increased for fuel, licensing, insurance and maintenance.

The drivers claim most companies take three months to make a payment, although some have taken as long as eight months.

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