TORONTO -- Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak says it's time the Ontario government got out of the gambling business, and suggests he'll privatize liquor sales as well.

Hudak says it's time to re-evaluate everything government does to concentrate on core services like health care and education and get out of businesses that are better run by the private sector.

He says there's an inherent conflict in having the government act both as a promoter of gambling by owing the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. and by being the regulator.

Hudak won't say how much the province would save by having private operators run casinos and lotteries, but says he's convinced it would mean a bigger return for provincial taxpayers.

He says bureaucrats should not be spending time deciding how many roulette wheels a casino has and where they should be placed.

The Opposition leader was asked if he also intends to get the government out of the liquor and broadcasting businesses -- something the Tories have proposed in the past -- and said people should "stay tuned."