Jimmy Kimmel pulled off a red carpet stunt before the Oscars Sunday, but it didn’t involve Mayor Rob Ford. In fact, it barely involved the red carpet.

Kimmel’s actual gag seemingly took place in the living room of an ordinary family.

Using a pre-taped segment, Kimmel appeared to jump from the red carpet through a slovenly couple’s television set to confront them about mean tweets that they posted about celebrities.

The gimmick was a play on a regular segment of Kimmel’s show in which celebrities read aloud insulting messages that people have publicly posted about them on Twitter.

He then critiqued their own armchair fashion before climbing back through the television and returning to the Oscars red carpet.

Ford not involved

Ford, his two brothers and some staff members are in Los Angeles as guests of the late-night talk show host.

At first, there was some speculation Ford would be attending the prestigious awards show after he suggested as much to a local Toronto newspaper. But on Sunday afternoon, his brother Coun. Doug Ford confirmed to CP24 the mayor would not be attending the Oscars or red carpet but would likely be attending some of the after parties.

“We booked (this trip) at the last minute,” the councillor said to CP24 in a telephone interview from L.A. “There are a lot of Oscar parties. Rumour has it that Jimmy hosts the best party there is (sic) and I'm sure we’ll be wandering around a few of them, promoting Toronto.”

Off air, Ford said there’s a chance Torontonians will be able to spot the mayor on the red carpet.

“Yes, maybe,” he said. “We don’t know 100 per cent what we’re doing.”

However his brother confirmed later in the day that the mayor would not appear at the Oscars red carpet.

Earlier in the day, Coun. Ford said the group was scheduled to visit Kimmel’s studio Sunday afternoon and then join the comedian for dinner. They were told to wear "fancy clothes."

"I'm not sure what he means by fancy clothes. Rob wears a suit 24-7," Coun. Ford said with a laugh.

He said the mayor has one goal in mind for this trip and that is to promote the city he represents.

“The response down here is fabulous for both the mayor and for Toronto,” he said. “We're promoting the fact that we're Hollywood north and we have the most diverse community in the world.”

Photos of the mayor, his entourage and Kimmel have been circulating on social media. Kimmel greeted the group Saturday afternoon at the airport, donning a chauffer’s outfit.

“He’s a real gentleman,” Coun. Ford said about Kimmel. “It was funny. He was dressed as a chauffer and Rob walked right by him. We’re having a good time.”

Kimmel then helped them into an awaiting van and drove the group away.

Ford has been mocked by Kimmel repeatedly over the last year on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It started when the mayor crashed into a television camera at city hall, swearing with frustration. The video quickly became a viral sensation after the comedian aired it on his show.

The drug scandal that subsequently plagued Ford along with his colourful comments and behaviour has given the host much ammunition for his nightly monologue. It is said Kimmel has been trying to land Ford as a guest for quite a while.

Coun. Ford has said in the past that the mayor’s office was in contact with producers of late-night TV.

Ford is scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night.

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