TORONTO -- Ontario's New Democrats warn they won't support new taxes or tolls from the minority Liberal government to fund public transit expansion in the Toronto-Hamilton area.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says she wants to make the minority Parliament work when the legislature resumes next month, but doesn't like the Liberal plan to find new "revenue tools" to pay for upgrades to infrastructure and public transit.

Horwath agrees there's a need to fund public transit improvements, but says the Liberals should find the money by dropping plans for corporate tax breaks instead of looking to raise taxes.

She doesn't want any new taxes or tolls that would put more pressure on household budgets.

Freshly minted New Democrat Percy Hatfield, who was sworn in on Wednesday, says people in Windsor won't want to pay extra for road and transit improvements in the Toronto-to-Hamilton corridor that won't benefit them.

Premier Kathleen Wynne said Monday that she will push ahead with a search for new revenue streams this fall to fund transit in the Toronto-Hamilton area, but rejected the idea of raising the property tax.

"There's a whole range of other options in terms of ways to raise revenue," Wynne told the Association of Municipalities of Ontario meeting in Ottawa.

"I acknowledge it's not an easy discussion...but it's not something that we can wait another generation for. We have to make those investments."