The Niagara Health Board of Directors announced Wednesday that Dr. Tom Stewart is no longer the chief executive officer of the hospital system.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that Stewart went on vacation to the Dominican Republic despite public health guidance to avoid non-essential travel as COVID-19 cases continue to surge.

“For the last six years, Niagara Health has had a contractual agreement with St. Joseph’s Health System. Among other collaboration initiatives such as joint programs and services, the agreement provided for Niagara Health to purchase CEO services from St. Joseph’s Health System such that the organizations shared a joint CEO,” the statement read.

“The Board of Directors of Niagara Health have decided to end the purchase of CEO services within the agreement effective immediately.”

The news comes a day after Stewart resigned from his advisory role on the province’s COVID-19 science table.

The doctor said in a statement on Tuesday that he regrets “this non-essential travel.” Stewart remains as the CEO of St. Joseph's Health System as of Wednesday evening.

Ajax MPP Rod Phillips resigned as Ontario’s finance minister last week following his secret vacation to St Barts.

The board of directors said it has appointed Lynn Guerriero, who currently serves as the president of Niagara Health, as the interim CEO.