An Ontario woman recently found out she won the lottery not by checking her ticket, but by logging onto her account to buy a new one.

“I logged into my account to buy another ticket when I noticed the winning amount. I was so surprised – I couldn’t believe it,” Mei Jiang, of Richmond Hill, Ont., told the OLG Prize Centre as she was picking up her winnings.

Jiang won the second Lotto 6/49 prize in the Jan. 13 draw, where she scored $274,199.70.

“When my husband finished work, I jumped on him and told him I won! He didn’t know what was happening,” Jiang said.

With her earnings, Jiang says she plans to pay off their mortgage and treat herself and her husband to new phones.

“I [also] want to celebrate with a really good meal,” Jiang said. “This prize is so great. I feel so lucky.”

In January, Ed Walker from Grimsby, Ont. learned he and his wife won the lottery and surprised her with their win by tricking her into thinking they had won $1,000 (when, in reality, they won nearly 80 times that much).

"I thought we had won $1,000, and I was so happy," Debbie Walker said. "Then, Ed moved his hand, and I saw it was $81,071! I couldn't believe it. I was shocked."

Jiang bought her winning ticket online at