Police have arrested two men in connection with a rash of violent gunpoint robberies and that were committed over an eight-day period earlier this month.

Police say that a suspect, dubbed the “Balaclava Bandit” by investigators, committed seven robberies at gas stations, convenience stores and cell phone stores in the Toronto area between Jan. 4 and Jan. 12.

In each of the robberies, police say the suspect entered the premises wearing a balaclava and armed with a black handgun. He then would demand money and lottery tickets from tellers, police say.

It is further alleged that the man assaulted several people with his gun during the course of committing some of the robberies, causing his victims to sustain minor head and facial injuries.

In all of the robberies, the suspect fled the scene in stolen vehicles that were driven by an accomplice, police say.

On Jan. 14, police arrested two suspects in connection with the case and executed a search warrant.

Police say that two stolen vehicles were recovered during the execution of that search warrant along with two firearms and property that was stolen during the robberies.

William Long, 45, of Toronto, is facing seven charges, including seven counts of robbery while armed with a firearm.

Jason Wright, 42, of Toronto, is facing 27 charges, including seven counts of robbery while armed with a firearm, three counts of assault with a weapon and seven counts of disguise with intent.

Both suspects appeared in court on Monday.