A published report suggests Coun. Doug Ford may take a run at the mayor’s seat if a byelection is called and his brother is banned from entering.

According to the Toronto Star, the Ford brothers' political advisors are working on a “worst-case scenario” plan that would see Mayor Rob Ford run for MPP if he is forced out and a byelection is held.

In his place, his brother Doug would try to keep the mayor’s chair in the family, according to the report, which cites two unnamed political organizers.

If that is the case, Doug Ford wasn’t offering any hints at city hall Wednesday.

In an interview with CP24, he said his focus is squarely on helping his brother to keep his job as Toronto’s mayor and to proceed with the agenda they promoted during the last election.

“The story is Rob’s the mayor and I’m going to focus on making sure Rob continues being mayor and saving the taxpayers a billion dollars and holding these bureaucrats and these special interest groups accountable,” Doug Ford told CP24 reporter George Lagogianes during a break in Wednesday’s council meeting.

TTC Chair Karen Stintz, who has also been rumoured as a mayoral candidate, was similarly vague.

"We currently have a sitting mayor appealing a decision," she told CP24.

On Monday, Justice Charles Hackland ordered Rob Ford to be removed from office in 14 days for breaking provincial conflict-of-interest rules.

The mayor is appealing the decision and seeking a stay, which would allow him to remain in office until the appeal is dealt with.

If Rob Ford is removed, council must decide whether to appoint an interim mayor or call a byelection.

In his decision, Hackland disqualified Ford from running for office again during the current term.

City solicitor Anna Kinastowski told council members she believes that means Ford would not be allowed to run in a byelection held before the 2014 municipal election, but Ford has the ability to challenge the wording.

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