The TTC says it will investigate after a streetcar driver was caught on camera swearing at a customer in frustration the midst of a nasty fare dispute.

The moment was captured in a cellphone video and posted to YouTube by another customer seated behind the driver on a Queen streetcar on Thursday.

In the video, a woman is first heard swearing at the driver after he alleges that her money is not Canadian currency.

“That one dollar is f**king Canadian. Give it back to me,” the woman demands. “A**hole, open the F**king door – I’ll report you.”

The woman then demands that the driver give her his employee number so that she can report him.

The driver, who is out view, is then heard saying : “You know what, kiss my ass, b*tch. See you later. Bye bye. Go.”

The customer then finds the driver’s number and exits the streetcar. Another passenger on the streetcar then gets the driver’s number as well and says she plans to report him.

In a statement Friday, the TTC said it is investigating the incident and called the driver’s behavior “unacceptable.”

“The TTC will identify the operator and interview him,” TTC spokesperson Brad Ross said in an email. “Regardless of the inappropriate language by the customer, employees are trained to mitigate and defuse fare disputes. The response and language used by the employee is completely unacceptable.”

The person who posted the video did not say where exactly along Queen Street the incident took place.