HAMILTON - William Shatner is objecting to the use of his name and likeness to promote an upcoming condo development in Hamilton.

The “Star Trek” star, best known for playing Captain Kirk on the original series, set his phasers on a project dubbed “Television City.”

On Twitter, Shatner complained that his name and a caricature of him were attached to floor plans for a million-dollar two-bedroom penthouse.

Shatner says he doesn't recall giving permission to prominent Toronto developer Brad Lamb to use his name and image as online promotional tools. He tweeted a price list that showed various condo units named after Hollywood stars including Lucille Ball, Bob Barker, Jay Leno, Mr. T, and Betty White.

Lamb responded in a statement that his intention was “to pay tribute” to the stars and he doubted anyone would buy a condo based on its name.

He says his company is making every effort to remove references to Shatner and all other celebrities from promotional material after receiving the tweet.