Charges have been laid nearly a year after a massive propane blast shook Toronto awake in the middle of the night and displaced dozens of residents.

On Aug. 10, 2008, a pre-dawn explosion at Sunrise Propane sent a huge mushroom cloud of smoke and flames high into the sky. It was so big it could actually be seen as far away as the Niagara Region.

A Sunrise employee, Parminder Singh Saini, died in the explosion and a Toronto firefighter, Bob Leek, died battling the ensuing blaze.

The Ontario Ministry of Labour has now laid two charges against the company, which has locations throughout Toronto in addition to the charred one in Downsview.

One charge relates to failure to protect Saini. The other alleges the company failed to operate within mandatory industry standards.

If convicted, Sunrise could be fined $1 million.