Tom Mulcair’s job is now up for grabs after 52 per cent of NDP delegates voted in favour of a federal leadership review at the NDP convention in Edmonton on Sunday. Here is a look at what candidates could come out of the GTA:

Peggy Nash:

The former NDP MP, who represented Parkdale- High Park from 2006 to 2008 and 2011 to 2015, was unseated by Liberal candidate Arif Virani in the 2015 federal election. Nash served as the party’s president from 2009 to 2011 and also unsuccessfully ran to replace the late Jack Layton as leader of the party in 2011. It is not clear if Nash plans to take another crack at it this time around.

Mike Layton:

A Toronto city councillor since 2010, Mike Layton represents Ward 19 Trinity-Spadina. He is the son of Jack Layton, who as leader of the federal New Democrats led the party to become the official opposition for the first time in the party’s history, winning 103 seats in the 2011 federal election. Layton has not publicly expressed any interest in running as of yet.

Jagmeet Singh:

Jagmeet Singh, a lawyer and NDP MPP, was appointed deputy leader of the Ontario NDP in 2015. Singh first entered politics in 2011 when he decided to run in the 2011 federal election in the riding of Bramalea-Gore-Malton. He was ultimately defeated by Conservative candidate Bal Gosal but later that year, Singh was elected to represent the same area provincially.

Avi Lewis:

Avi Lewis, who is the son of former Ontario NDP leader Stephen Lewis, is a Toronto-based documentary filmmaker who spearheaded the ‘Leap Manifesto,’ a document that calls for the radical restructuring of the Canadian economy by promptly ending the country’s use of fossil fuels. During Sunday’s NDP convention in Edmonton, party delegates voted to debate the merits of the manifesto.

Olivia Chow:

The former NDP MP represented Trinity-Spadina from 2006 to 2014 before vacating her seat to run to become the mayor of Toronto. Chow was ultimately defeated in the 2014 Toronto municipal election by John Tory. Former Toronto city councillor Adam Vaughan won Chow’s seat in the House of Commons in a byelection and Chow unsuccessfully tried to reclaim it in the 2015 federal election. When asked by CP24’s Stephen LeDrew about whether she would run for the NDP leadership, Chow replied, “I doubt it… There are so many good people in the party.”