Hamilton police are warning of a “concerning” spike in youth-related robberies and swarming incidents at recent festivals and fairs.

On Aug. 4, officers responded to a swarming incident in Hamilton that culminated in physical violence and a robbery just before 10 p.m. Police say they arrested a 15-year-old boy and charged him with robbery.

Later in the month, on Aug. 26, similar incidents occurred at the Peach Festival, with “multiple reports from concerned parents” about children being victimized by other children, according to police. It is alleged that multiple physical altercations among teachers were reported over the course of the festival.

Then, at the Binbrrok Fair on Sept. 16, officers responded to a physical altercation between two teenage girls. Police say over 50 onlookers were watching the fight and “actively encouraging it” by filming.

Officers from the Hamilton Police Service say they are taking measures to address these issues, particularly as the region’s Ancaster Fair and Rockton Fair approach.

Police have advised locals to avoid displaying valuables, including smartphones, jewelry and wallets, and to travel in groups and stay vigilant.

Anyone with information on a crime involving Hamilton youths is asked to contact Hamilton police at 905-546-4725.