A man allegedly assaulted TTC streetcar riders in downtown Toronto on Saturday, according to Toronto police.

Officers said the assault took place in the Queen and Victoria streets area.

The man was seen exiting the streetcar and walking southbound on Victoria Street.

Police say three victims have been identified, but officers could not provide an update on injuries.

The suspect is described as a white 35-year-old man with a slim build wearing a black baseball cap, which may be covering a bald head. He was seen sporting black pants and a long black jacket. He was wearing glasses and a backpack, police say.

This news follows a violent streak on public transit in Toronto. Just yesterday, a man was assaulted by a group of youths on board a TTC bus. A day prior, a woman was charged with attempted murder after she allegedly stabbed a stranger multiple times on a TTC streetcar, leaving them with what police are calling life-altering injuries.

Despite these recent events, Toronto Mayor John Tory insists the TTC is safe.

“We do have to remind ourselves that the TTC transports millions of people every day, every single day of the week. And they do it safely,” Tory said while at an event on Saturday afternoon.

The mayor said these recent spurts of violence are not exclusive to Toronto, but rather, span across North American cities.

“I think it could be some of the after effects of the pandemic, it could be other things that have to do with some of the real issues we face with mental health, “Tory said.

“It's part of a certain, I think very anxious period, we're going through on the part of a lot of people. Perhaps it's the economic conditions, perhaps the aftermath of the pandemic. People are anxious and they're acting out in ways that are clearly not acceptable.”


In an effort to increase safety on public transit in Toronto, the TTC is adding 80 new staff members across the system.