It is going to be a scorcher of a weekend in the GTA as the region gets is first sustained stretch of hot and humid weather so far this year.

Environment Canada says that the temperature will hit 27 C on Saturday but it will feel closer to 33 with the humidity. It will then get even hotter on Sunday with a forecasted high of 30 C that will feel more like 35 with the humidity. Sunny skies are also in the forecast for both days.

The hot weather won’t disappear anytime soon either. Environment Canada is calling for daytime highs of 29 C and 30 C on Monday and Tuesday before the heat subsides slightly on Wednesday.

“If you like it hot and you like it humid and you like it mainly dry this weekend will be for you,” CP24 Meteorologist Bill Coulter says. “You may want to limit physical activity, though, especially if you are in in one of those vulnerable groups.

Though the weather will be hot and humid for four days, it won’t technically qualify as a heat wave. Environment Canada defines a heat wave as any stretch of three days or more in which the temperature exceeds 32 C.